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Microchip Sales Information

Lower costs for you, greater service for your customers

24PetWatch is well known for providing comprehensive pet identification, microchipping and pet insurance services to pet owners. 24PetWatch wants your customers to know that we offer low cost microchips and a lost pet recovery service. This will provide outstanding value to you and your customers alike. Call us today at 1-866-600-4815 (10am-5pm ET Mon-Fri) for a free personal quote for your practice.

Discounted microchip price if you register pets online

Prices include standard 3-5 days delivery. Next day delivery is available upon request. Taxes not included. Ask us how to get the lowest price available.

Easy, safe and painless microchip, injector & registration

  • ISO 11784/85 certified microchip readable by any universal scanner.
  • Microchip that reduces the chance of migration.
  • Sterilization indicator and expiry date for each chip for safe implantation.
  • Ergonomic, disposable injector with injection completed click for safety.
  • Extra-sharp needle for easier implantation.
  • 5 adhesive barcode labels.
  • Free microchip marketing materials for your practice; get more pets microchipped.

Greater lost pet recovery service to satisfy your customers

  • DirectConnect: we connect the finder of a lost pet and the owner on the phone for easier and faster reunions.
  • Free collar tag with microchip number and toll-free number included with each microchip.
  • Reunion service lines open 24/7/365.
  • Ongoing data checks and yearly reminders for customers to update their contact details to increase the number of successful pet recoveries.
  • Microchips are registered with your organization's details to maximize chances of reunion.
  • Free registration, your choice of online or hard copy registration forms.

Call us today at 1-866-600-4815 for a free personal quote for your practice.