About The MiniChip

MiniChip, Maximum Protection

The innovative ISO-standard MiniChip is shorter and slimmer than the standard microchip and uses a smaller 15-gauge needle. Although it was designed especially for cats, kittens, puppies and small the dogs, the less stressful implantation process is ideal for animals of all sizes, particularly in busy microchipping clinic environments.

The MiniChip comes with a preloaded injector making for a simpler and safer process for both the animal and the implanter, which will come in handy for temperamental animals and otherwise squirmy patients.

Features of the 24PetWatch MiniChip:

  • Ready to inject- syringe comes preloaded
  • Audible click lets you know when chip has been implanted
  • Removable security ring prevents accidental chip loss
  • MiniChip coated in Parylene C to help prevent rejection and speed up the tissue bonding process
  • ISO Compatible Microchip (FDX-B)
  • Free Registration
  • Database integrity and accuracy
  • 24/7/365 pet recovery service

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